March 2020
Most classes are now $35 and preregistration is required.  Leave your phone number and if there is a
concern over the weather someone will be able to reach you well before class.  Just call 908-638-9066 or
email with "Class Registration" in the subject line.  All classes start
promptly at the time indicated.  The School will be open 15 minutes in advance so plan to arrive early and
get settled with a cup of tea, etc.  

FALLS WALK - Inter-dimensional Photography Field Trip
& Pot Luck Dinner
Thursday, March 19th, $30 per person, call Christina about kids
POT LUCK starts at 5:30 p.m.
We leave for the Falls at 6:45
and return to the Polka Dot Café around 8 p.m for the Photo Share and dessert.

Reservations are a must and please let us know what you would like to bring.

Celebrate Spring at the portal with all the wonderful Beings of Light who gather there. We are always so
honored to be among those who come to honor Mother Earth, our innate connection to the Divine, the
earthly domains of Light and the Galactic Friends who join us.  Many Masters, Angels and Guardians are
usually on hand as well.  Come and join us for this joyous celebration!

Our Home in New Jersey
The Circle of Intention School of Intuitive Sciences is located at 76 Main Street, in High Bridge, NJ
08829, and shares space with The Church of All Creation.  Please call 908-638-9066 for information,
directions and to reserve your place at these exciting events!

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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Actual photo of a Fairie
taken at the Falls during
one of our Walks!