December 2019
Most classes are now $35 and preregistration is required as each class is limited to no more than
six (6) people
.  Leave your phone number and if there is a concern over the weather someone will be
able to reach you well before class.  Just call 908-638-9066 or email with
"Class Registration" in the subject line.  All classes start promptly at the time indicated.  The School will
be open 15 minutes in advance so plan to arrive early and get settled with a cup of tea, etc.  

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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CELEBRATION of the LIGHT!  Falls Walk
Inter Dimensional Photography Field Trip to the Falls
Saturday, December 21st    $30 (lesser fees for teens and kids)
Meet for Photos @ 3:30 pm at the P
olka Dot Café, 76 Main, High Bridge
Photo Share & Pot Luck Dinner @ 5 pm at the Café
Reservations are a must!  Call or email your intentions, please.
The Faerie Domain has invited us to join them during one of their conclaves to
take pictures.  They also generously open the portal to invite those of the Light
from all Realms, including our intergalactic friends.  Bring a jacket and a flash
camera of any sort - even disposable - and perhaps an offering for the faeries.
We always pick up litter on the way into the Falls, so please be prepared. A
flashlight is also helpful as we leave after dark.

We meet at the Polka Dot Café, then travel together to the site, returning to the Café
where we share a Pot Luck Dinner and get to know each other.  We to look
over each other's photos afterwards and share some of the wonderful desserts
that folks bring.  

Even if you have attended prior events, each one is special as the veil between worlds continues to thin.  
More and more images appear each time we go there!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has worked so hard on
behalf of the School and the Church this year for all your loving support.  For those
who held the space with loving intentions for our Highest Good, thank you as well.  We
all feel truly blessed to be part of the Ground Crew holding the Light.

Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!
May you each have a blessed holiday season,
in whatever manner you choose to celebrate it.
Much Love,
Christina & the Cosmic Crew

Our Home in New Jersey
The Circle of Intention School of Intuitive Sciences is located at 76 Main Street, in High Bridge,
NJ 08829, and shares space with The Church of All Creation.  Please call 908-638-9066 for
information, directions and to reserve your place at these exciting events!
Nativity Scene
Christmas Tree in Blue Night