The Emotional Healing Exercise is truly a gift in our lives.  It heals one
layer of cellular memory at a time and will aid in the elimination of dis-
harmonious patterns in the body/mind/spirit.  Us eit whenever you feel
something come up, or employ it nightly by asking your High Self to show
you anything that needs to be released.

Most forms of limitation, or phobias, are the result of past life trauma.  
The cells of your body hold onto the memory of the original occurrence
and any subsequent occurrences. When you are faced with similar
inciting circumstances, your cellular memory will awaken and your body
will warn you to stay out of trouble.  This is one of our most basic
instincts, yet life goes on and circumstances change.  We need to
release the trauma from our cells so that we can move forward on our life
journey unencumbered by the pains of the past.

To do this, as soon as you recognize the signs of limitation coming on, no
matter what kind of fear or overwhelming emotion you are feeling, take a
step back and close your eyes if you are able.  The signals from your
body may be as simple as goose bumps, your hair standing on end, or
tears.  They may also be as complex as gut wrenching reactions,
queasiness, or panic attacks; it all depends upon the magnitude of the

Ask your High Self to help you resolve the issue that triggered the
reaction.  Tell yourself a story that begins with “Once upon a time I  . . . “
and allow yourself to make up anything – do not edit yourself in any way.  
Let the story flow through your thoughts, visualizing it as you go.  You
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may see yourself as the opposite sex, wearing odd clothing, with different color hair – anything.  And that is
skip the visualization part and simply begin to forgive yourself and others.  This alone will set into motion the
process of healing and allow you to step back emotionally from the inciting event.  Perhaps in the future you
will be able to visually process the information as well.

Once you have forgiven yourself, you move on to offering forgiveness to those you blame.  There is no need
to try to understand if they are present in this life.  You simply forgive the butcher, the baker, or the
candlestick maker, as your High Self shows you.  

The third tier of forgiveness covers any and all other persons involved in this event.  You may simply say, “I
forgive anyone else associated with this event in any way.”  In this manner you are forgiving the unseen
forces that played upon those who you blamed for whatever act of trauma happened to you.

It is also important to ask for forgiveness from all involved because you hung on to the energy for so long.  In
all probability, you have already been forgiven, but this is an important step.  

And the final step is to express gratitude for the lessons you have learned around this event, to thank the
Higher Power and your High Self for this gift of insight and healing. Then drink lots of water!

Remember, the steps are very simple:
1. Recognize the signs
2. Tell the story
3. Forgive yourself
4. Forgive anyone you blame
5. Forgive everyone else
6. Ask their forgiveness for yourself
7. Express you gratitude for the lesson
8. Drink lots of water to help process the change within your body.

Many have found the results of this exercise, a synopsis of
The Course In Miracles, to be very profound.  It
can be applied to every dis-harmonious moment in life!  Enjoy it and use it often - it is a gift from the Divine.

If you wish to share this with anyone else, please give proper credit to this source.