We are constantly told by Spirit that we should care for ourselves
so that we are better able to care for others
.  The reflection of that
microcosmic principle.  If each of us depletes ourselves so completely
that we can no longer be of service to others, then what have we
ultimately accomplished?  Less than we could have!  It is the same with
our greater reality.

It's a simple concept really -
buy products produced by and use
services provided by your fellow Americans
.  Over the course of
the last three or four decades there has been a consistent movement
toward sending more and more of America's jobs overseas.  This is
not to say that people in other countries don't need the work that we
supply, they do, but we also need to support ourselves.  There is no
reason on earth - other than limited thinking - that says we cannot do

Simply take the time to think about your purchasing power and how
much any individual purchase you make may mean to another
American.  For instance, there is a growing movement to buy local
produce from farmer's markets all over the country.  This helps with the
sustainability of our own land, our own resources, and ultimately our
own health.  The same principle applies to all American produced

We are living in a time when many of our neighbors are facing some
rather harsh economic realities.  As a generous people, we find it
harder and harder to give to as much to others as we would like when
our own economic circumstances diminish.  Yet, if we make an effort to
think first of buying American products and services, we will
re-energize our own economy, thereby re-energizing our ability to help
the world.

Next time you think about making a purchase, please pause for a
moment to consider if there is an opportunity in that action to support
your countrymen, as you would like to be supported.

We live in a magnificent time.  Spirit tells us time and time again that
we have chosen to participate in this era so that we may be part of this
huge movement of bringing forth more Light for all.  Please know too,
that we have chosen to incarnate in a particular global location for
many reasons.  Many of us feel incredibly blessed to be Americans.  
Let's consider the opportunities to
bring more Light into our
by putting a bit more effort into buying American goods and

You own the power.
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As many of you know,
Christina has done
many things prior to
channeling full time and
this flag is apart of that
history.  Her last
business was called  
CoCo:Chenille, and she
made a wide variety of
products from recycled
chenille bedspreads
and other assorted
textiles.  Along the way
she happened to pick
up a sewing machine
on top of other fabrics.  
This rendition of one of
our country's first flags
is a result of that effort.