a Visual Aid to Decision Making
I have found that if I imagine each of my choices as a lane or pathway in front of me, I can see myself standing
at the front of a series of lanes in a cosmic bowling alley. For those who have never bowled, it is necessary to
be a bit creative in your thinking.

I then center myself and raise my bowling ball of White Light, just as I did when I learned how to bowl as a
child.   I release the ball with a good forward thrust, as if I were trying for a strike, and then I watch the action.
This is the key point - watching the action and feeling the response in your gut – the follow-through.  As with
normal bowling, the follow-through is all important.  If you score a strike you feel great!  You would probably
jump up and down or pump your fist in the air.  If you clip one pin on the side, and no more, you’ll know that the
chance of a perfect game is lost and you will have a corresponding sinking feeling in your gut.   

There are several variations to the way the ball of
White Light rolls down the alley. The optimum is when the
Light rolls smooth and strong along the pathway, as well traveling as straight as possible.   Options include a bit
of bumping, which is usually acceptable unless you are in a real bowling alley, and a bit of curving, meaning that
the path is not precisely as you perceive it, but you will get where you need to go.   

When bowling with Light, one of your alleys may seem to swallow up the ball, just like a gutter ball.  Your Light
will go out and you can see it travel down the alley no more than perhaps a few feet in front of you before
slipping into the oblivion of the gutter.   This is not a predictor of your own doom, rather it’s the way that Spirit is
showing you that this would be a less than optimal choice.   The choice is always yours - Spirit is simply trying to
weight the odds in your favor by giving you this tool and this particular clue.  

Occasionally I have seen my ball of
White Light travel down my second lane, and then mid-stream so to speak,
jump a lane and end up rolling gaily down another lane.   This tells me that the alternate path was probably the
most appropriate choice, but that the lane I am testing will get me to the same position as well.   If you see
bumps in the beginning of the first path, but not the second, then you may choose to begin your journey on the
second lane.  Know that it will take you to your intended goal by a slightly different route and Spirit will jump you
back where you need to be at the right time.

You might also wish to label an additional lane as “Other Options.”  See how your
White Light bowling ball
fares on that route.  I have found with dowsing that the most important question to ask is always: Is this the right
question?  Creating an Options lane allows you to employ that same tool when using this technique.  If you find
that your ball rolls swiftly and surely down this lane, then it is your next task to determine what those options
might be by attuning yourself to the bigger picture.  Find clues through the use of your intuition, through signs
and omens, through research and conversation.  I often find that I have all the information inside of me, yet
when I sit and chat with a friend it comes out in a different configuration than I ever imagined while talking to
myself.  We are all here to be instruments of God’s grace in the lives of others - that means that your friends
are there to help you as well.  Once you have pondered a problem, bowled with White Light, and yet still seem
stuck, reach out to a friend and brainstorm.

Ultimately, as with any system, the goal is to be able to move forward without the tool.  I hope you’ll try
with White Light
next time you face a choice and need some additional guidance and I hope you score well.
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Bowling with White Light is the term I have applied to a technique I first
heard of when
Brigitte Boyea channeled St. Germain here at the
Circle of Intention
in 2010.   St. Germain suggested we visualize the
options for the future and see which of the directions held the most Light.  
I am writing about the version I have been using since then because it
comes up so many times in conversation when clients and students ask
for advice.