AURA CLEARANCE encompasses the removal of all forms of
psychic attack.  It can be performed for you, your home, and for
anyone who lives in the same household or is dependent upon you,
such as a college student. Those who live with you are contacted
via their Higher Selves to give permission to do the healing work for
them as well.  This insures that you will reside in a psychically clear
atmosphere. Additionally, it is wise to have a quick scan done of any
animals or pets.

We check for many types of psychic attack.  They may occur when
outside forces, such as the two listed below, enter the aura and/or
the Etheric Body, and thus interfere with your own good.  There may
be influences that can manifest as illness, as negative self-talk, as
energetic brick walls, all meant to keep you from ever achieving
your desires and your Highest Good.  
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We also clear Restrictions, better known as curses.  They were a very
popular form of revenge during the Middle Ages, and are still in use in
some parts of the world today.  A curse can follow a specific soul, or it
can be generational in nature, following a bloodline.  All curses are
removed and if they were generational in nature everyone else effected is also cleared.

The client's home, and any other properties belonging to them, are also checked to make sure that they are
clear.  Ghosts, energetic imprints, and various types of anomalies are all identified and healed.

After the
Basic Aura Clearance is completed a Protective Field is put into place around you, your home,
and any of your loved ones who have participated, to keep any further instances of psychic attack at bay.  
Your Spiritual Guidance Team is instructed in the duplication of this energetic field, so that if you ever move
the Protective Shield will go with you.  It will also remain in place in your current home so that it will be that
much easier to sell.  

Rates for
Basic Aura Clearance are based upon individual units of work.  A single person, plus a home, is
equal to two units.  A family of four, plus the home, equals five units, which is roughly comparable to one
session of
Soul Path Clearance.  In this case it is usually suggested that the member of the family with the
greatest need receive
Soul Path Clearance, allowing all the other members to benefit additionally.  Please
contact Christina directly for further information.  She offers a FREE assessment scan to identify the scope
of the concern and determine the probable direction of treatment.