Christina Lynn Whited has been channeling for over twenty years.  
She first came to national attention when
People Magazine
discovered that she was receiving advice from the late James Beard
for cookbook based upon an intuitive diet she channeled.  Now, with
a clientele around the world, she is best known for her work
Mother Mary and for Soul Path Clearance, the work
she performs which clears long-held past life pains for her clients.  

When she was five years old, she picked up discarded stick her
father had used to find water.  The forked branch came alive in her
hands and her life-long foray into the world of metaphysics began.

When Christina was in the sixth grade, she had a vision in a dream
that later came to pass, and from this she learned to trust the
information she received in dreams and her inner guidance.  Later,
when she attended InnerVision, a school of metaphysical sciences in
New York City, her innate gifts blossomed.  She studied many
different disciplines at InnerVision, which was founded by Vera Scott
Johnson, the renowned numerologist and author of
The Secrets of
 Christina learned from Vera and later taught the science
of numbers at InnerVision.
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This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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The Circle of Intention has grown to
encompass many things.  It began as
an affirmation to help bring peace and
healing to the world, then it became
the name of the Labyrinth, and finally it
has become the
Circle of Intention
School of Intuitive Sciences.

The school began in January of 2008
with only two classes per month.  Now
we offer many classes and events
each month as well as two
metaphysic/Holistic Fairs annually.

Check the
section for all the most current
information on
Classes, Gatherings,
Field Trips, and Holistic Fairs

But most of all the Circle of Intention has become a community - a community of Spiritual Seekers and
Light Workers
.  We are all here to share our talents, our knowledge, and our love in order to help each
other and the world.  We are each instruments of peace and healing; we have each chosen to participate at
this miraculous time - this time of great potential.

Join us!  We welcome all who seek the Light.  Click on the link above to receive our Newsletter with a
monthly special channeled message from
Mother Mary, as well other articles and class information.  As
thanks you will receive a free gift - access to a very potent Guided Meditation.

The Meaning of The Circle Of Intention

We hope that you will join us in increasing the vibration of love around our precious Mother Earth.  We know
that peace on earth can be achieved one person at a time and that all life can live in harmony and unity. The
following affirmation was created to assist in that process.  Your help in this endeavor is greatly appreciated,
for together we can change the world.


The vibration of love that these words, coupled with your attention to the intention, will be a powerful force
for good in this world.  At a time when we are facing the challenges of earth changes, manifesting as natural
disasters of a magnitude we have not seen in our lifetime, the need is great.  If as many people as possible
affirm a
“gentle healing” it will make a wondrous difference in the possibilities to come.  Morphic resonance
will take over at some point and thus spread the vibration of peace, harmony and gentle healing for the
planet to all.

Words have power.  Voicing the affirmation sets up one kind of vibration, silently saying it creates another,
but the words on paper also have an impact. Copy the affirmation and carry it with you.  Perhaps you can
keep it in your wallet or your pocket so that your attention is drawn to it during the course of the day.  Every
time you think about it, you are helping to save the world.

You can also print small card-sized copies of the phrase and give them to people you meet, tuck them in
letters and envelopes, etc.,urging others to join the movement.  Please add the website address so that
everyone can come here for details if need be.  It is also a wonderful gesture to add the affirmation to your
email signature.

We can all create peace and healing on the Planet Earth - one heart at a time.
After a respite during which she married and gave birth to her three children, Christina went through a spiritual
awakening.  This was the time period in which she was given the
Transformation Diet and the assistance of the
ghosts of several well-known food visionaries.  As a result, she was profiled on
CNN, the New York Post, and
People Magazine.  As a special guest on Geraldo!, she spoke about the effectiveness of the
Transformation Diet.  She later appeared on numerous television shows in the New York area, was featured in
the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times and many more newspapers and a host of radio programs
around the country.

In 1991 Christina and her children moved to the quiet little town of High Bridge, New Jersey. The Garden State
opened its arms to her and her work.  She began a company based on conserving the earth's resources, which
also touched a cord of nostalgia within the public consciousness,
CoCo:Chenille.  Christina was in the forefront
of the revival of interest in cotton chenille bedspreads in the 1990's.  She found vintage chenille spreads and
gleaned the useful parts of them, transforming them into a full line of products for the home and personal use.  
From teddy bears to bathrobes, pillows to baby toys, her products were featured not only in her own shops, but in
stores around the country.  
CoCo:Chenille became the premier  name in the recycled chenille industry that grew
up around her products.

In 1997 Christina was one of seven recipients of the
Governor's Award for Tourism and Economic
in New Jersey.  She was the David among the Goliaths of major corporations and entire towns
that also won the award for bringing interest and opportunity to New Jersey that year.  As a result she was
featured in
Who's Who in American Business in 1998 and 1999.

CoCo:Chenille gained acceptance and popularity with the American public, the press came calling.  Once
again Christina and her work were the focus of a great deal of attention in the national media.
Country Living Magazine enjoyed a close relationship for ten years, as the magazine's staff embraced the
nostalgia of chenille and the creativity of
CoCo.  From designer showcases to magazine covers, to the pages of
The New York Times, Christina and her work were once again the focus of national acclaim.

CoCo:Chenille was closed in 2009 to make way for Christina to give her entire time to the work that means so
much to her,
The Circle of Intention.  A popular speaker on such far ranging topics as Animal Mysticism, Past
Lives, Ghosts, Energy Healing, Inter-Dimensional Photography, and Dowsing, she has spoken at national
conventions, at libraries and to community groups, and taught in Adult Education venues.

She still lives in Western New Jersey where she writes, teaches, lectures, and heads
The Circle of Intention
School of Intuitive Sciences
as well as The Church of All Creation.